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2020 Summer Camp at Ben Delatour Scout Ranch, Colorado

UPDATE: 5/27/20


I received the message from Longs Peak Council yesterday that they have made the decision to cancel ALL weeks of Summer Camp this year at BDSR. I don’t feel this is completely unexpected given the way things have gone so far, but it’s very sad for the boys nonetheless. Hopefully we can work on some sort of local alternative to keep your boys advancing…remember that there are TONS of online merit badge opportunities available, many of which are linked from our website ( I will post this to the website shortly, let me know if you have any questions.

Per the options below, we have decided that it is in our best interest to request a full refund which means no one should be charged for camp.

Here is an excerpt from the email Longs Peak sent:

Good Morning,

Longs Peak Council keeps the safety of our Scouts, Scouting families and volunteers as the highest priority. Making the decision to open camp for the summer is one we are not taking lightly.

We worked diligently with the Colorado Governor’s office and County Health Authorities to get the approval for our request for a variance to host resident camp this summer. We have been informed the Governor will not make his recommendations for July summer camps until mid June. Receiving the decision this late does not provide us enough time to prepare to host resident camp in 2020.

Due to this uncertainty, it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing all summer resident camp operations at the Ben Delatour Scout Ranch have been canceled for 2020.With the cancelation of summer resident camp operations at BDSR we would like to provide those units affected some choices:

1. Move reservation to a week at Camp Laramie Peak. (Will know if approved before 5/29.)
2. Roll reservation over to 2021, at 2020 rate, leaving a $50 per person deposit.
3. Move reservation to another Colorado camp at the Ben Delatour Scout Ranch price. (Peaceful Valley, Camp Alexander, San Isabel, Spanish Peaks)
4. Full Refund.

Current Larimer County Covid-19 camping recommendations do allow for family camp overnights at Camp Jack Nicol for individual families only, providing your family brings your own tent and own food. The council is prepared to offer these family camping opportunities at $5 per person per night at Camp Jack Nicol. To make reservations go to

Thank you for your patience and understanding,
Longs Peak Council Camping Leadership Team


Previous Updates

UPDATE: 4/8/20


If you are receiving this email, it’s because you and/or your scout is signed up for Summer Camp this summer! Of course the situation is still ever evolving so we aren’t 100% sure camp will even happen, but we are going to just assume that it is. Here’s what I know so far:

I’ve signed up 11 boys and 4 adults for BDSR (North of Fort Collins) for camp July 5th-11th. With 4 drivers, we will have plenty of space to drive all the kids to/from camp without extra drivers necessary.

If you feel the need to drop out before May 1st, you can do so at 100% refund MINUS a $50 deposit. However, if camp should be cancelled due to COVID-19 (or other reason), all fees will be refunded including the deposit.

Med Forms:
As most of you know, any BSA trip over 72 hours requires all 3 parts of the BSA Med Form (found on our website here: – Part C requires a signature by a doctor. This may be a challenge this year since the forms only last 1 year from the time they are signed which means almost everyone will need updated med forms. Some doctors, like my kids, will just fill out the form so long as your son has had an exam within the past year. Others may not. Please see below for the info I’ve gotten from the camp director and National:

From the Camp Director 2 days ago:
As far as medical forms National is still working on this. My suggestion is for families to contact their doctors office and see if they can fax or scan and email forms in to be filled out. Some may. Once I know more I will send out communication.

From today:
Q: What if I cannot get a new Part C, pre-placement exam because my healthcare provider is not taking well care exams now?

We are evaluating all options while being mindful of those who have valid exams as well as those new members and adults who may have never completed a Part C exam, state and local authority requirements, and the special review required by high adventure programs. In the interim, we recommend that council health supervisors, camp staff, and volunteers begin a conversation on local availability of well exams and alternatives that could be put in place.

What does this mean? I’d suggest getting the forms filled out ASAP and checking with your son’s doctor to see if you can get a signature. Also, please remember that all camps in Colorado require the Addendum ( and apparently here ( They literally will turn away scouts who don’t have everything filled out COMPLETELY! So check ALL lines for signatures, especially on Part C since that’s the doctor’s part. I believe there’s multiple signatures required and I know my doc always misses one. I manage the med forms, so if you could scan them and send them to me, that’s great – I’ll keep them on file until they expire.

Merit Badges: Still waiting on details on this. Will send out another email when it’s time to sign up, but please have your scouts check the leaders guide I sent out previously (and is on our website at to get an idea of Badges they prefer plus backups in case classes are full.

Sorry for the long-winded email, but I want to get all the info to you! Please let me know if you or your scout has any questions!

-Mr. Bielkiewicz
ASM of Wishful Thinking

This year, in spite of the boys wishes to attend another camp out of the state (mostly since we couldn’t find enough adult leadership to make that happen), we have decided to go back to BDSR in Northern Colorado. We attended this camp in 2018 and it was a big hit amongst the boys that attended. Mr. Bielkiewicz will be leading camp again this year and we have at least 2 other adults already committed to assist but are willing to take more.

We will depart the church July 5th and return on the 11th (exact times still TBD). PLEASE TURN IN YOUR PERMISSION SLIP ASAP at a meeting!

For more info on BDSR, please check out the BDSR Website and because it’s not easily found on their website, I’ve obtained the Leaders Guide which contains a list of all the Merit Badges they will be offering.

We need to get registered ASAP as we are already behind on this – merit badge sign ups will begin soon if they haven’t already and the sooner we get signed up, the sooner boys can try to get their top choices for merit badges. More details to follow soon!

Permission Slip

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