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2023 Florida Sea Base Finance Update

Hello fellow Sailors! I realized last week that I probably haven’t shared the payment schedule that was dictated to us by Sea Base once we made our deposit back in January. Here is the payment schedule for the Sea Base portion of the trip (note that this of course does not include travel expenses and any activities we do before or after attendance at Sea Base – that will come once we actually need to purchase such things):

1st/Down Payment: $250 due 1/13/22 ($31.25 for each participant)

2nd Payment: $895.00 due 3/1/22 (~$111.88 each)

3rd Payment: $4027.50 due 11/1/22 (~$503.44 each)

4th Payment: $4027.50 due 3/7/23 (~$503.44 each)

Please note that the first two payments have been made and charged to your Scout accounts. Because their payment amounts don’t always split equally 8 ways, you will see a penny or two variation in the amounts charged – in the end, everyone will have paid exactly $1150.00. I realize that timing is a little challenging for camp card sales in 2023 (sales will likely be AFTER our last payment is due), but we can work out minor differences as we get closer. But with this much time to save, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone! Get out and sell those camp cards this year!

Please see me at a meeting if you have any questions!

-Mr. Bielkiewicz
ASM of Sailing Away

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