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2025 Cozumel Scuba Adventure Interest

I would like to run a High Adventure Scout trip to Cozumel in Summer 2025 (Dates TBD) primarily to go scuba diving. I’ve found a resort that has all-inclusive packages which include diving for 7 nights at approximately $1200 per person, however we would have to work out some details such as if people aren’t Scuba Diving but want to go to the resort anyway and possibilities on group discounts if we bring enough folks. For now, just assume the price is around $1200 plus flights and other incidentals. Also, for those who are not certified to Scuba Dive yet, you would need to be fully certified prior to our departure and that component isn’t cheap or quick. However, this can be coordinated as a group to get certified which can be a lot of fun, including the required open water dives (can be done locally, in Blue Hole, NM, or at Homestead Crater, UT). Total cost can be around $700 for the classes and open water dives plus lodging if we do it out of town.

We realize this is an expensive trip, overall, and want to plan early so there’s plenty of fundraising opportunities. Since this would be classified as a High Adventure, Scouts participating would have to be 14 years old (or completed 8th Grade) but that includes most of our current Scouts since we’re almost 2 years out.

We want to get an idea of how many might be interested in such a trip/experience.

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