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Activity Photos Now Online!

Ever wonder exactly what your Scout does on his campouts and activities when you can’t be there yourself? Has your Scout promised photos, only for you to find none on his phone when he returns? It’s time to change all that as we have started a new system to post activity and campout photos on our website! We have created a new tab on the primary menu titled Photos; on that page you will see our list of photo albums of various activities. Each album is password protected so we can control the access. We will send the password out in a separate message today, so keep an eye out for that. The password will currently be the same for all albums so you should have to only enter it once to access all the albums.

Do you have photos you would like to contribute? Simply email yours truly at and let me know which trip/activity and what month/year it took place. I will create a Google Album and invite you to add your photos and then create the link on the website.

We hope to add video support soon, but the free tool we’re using does not support playing them yet. Keep an eye on the Photos page as we continually add more albums and photos to existing albums! We will try to notify everyone via the newsletter when new photos are added.

In this initial batch:

  • 2020 Tahosa Campout
  • 2019 Bent’s Old Fort
  • 2019 Melita Island Summer Camp
  • 2019 Project Tenderfoot
  • 2019 Ski Trip Granby Ranch
  • 2018 Air Force Academy
  • 2018 Ben Delatour Summer Camp
  • 2018 Klondike Derby

Mr. Bielkiewicz
ASM of Photo Sharing

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