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Annual Registration

Please Read In Full!!!

With the new year comes annual Troop re-charter and registration! This means everyone! We will assume that if you registered with Troop 640 in 2021, you also want to be registered in 2022 with a few exceptions (see below). The costs this year are as follows:

Youth: $72 (or $84 if you want to receive Scout Life Magazine)
Adults: $45

There is no need to send any money (yet!). The Troop Treasurer hopes to have balanced the books shortly and once that happens, you will see the deduction from your Scout’s account (or adult accounts if you don’t have a current Scout in the Troop) for the registration fees. However, if you don’t want to be registered and charged the fee, please let us know by January 24th!

These are the adults and Scouts that we will be dropping from our registration this year:

Toni M.
David M.
Melissa D.
Reece D.
Drew D.
Dominic P.
Max D.
James V.
Joshua F.
Devyn B.
Benjamin P.
Rusty R.
Chasyn J.

Please keep in mind that I made some assumptions on the above list as I haven’t had time to reach out directly to everyone. If you or your Scout is on the above list and you want to remain registered with Troop 640, just let us know by January 24th and we’ll keep you on the list.

Thanks for your attention and Happy New Year!

Mr. Bielkiewicz, Treasurer ()
Mr. Ross, Committee Chair ()

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