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April 27th, 2020

Virtual Monday Meeting Agenda

Hiking Merit Badge
We will continue the work we began last Monday and try to finish a couple more Hiking Merit Badge requirements. Even if you missed last week, feel free to join us this week as you can always make up the missed requirements at another time with Mr. Johnson. Same Zoom link as last week: <see your email or newsletter for zoom link>

More Online Merit Badge Opportunities (
So it turns out that many Scouters around the country are offering virtual/online merit badge sessions that are open to ALL scouts. There are countless options amongst the ones that I’ve found so far. I’ve posted them all on our website under the Virtual Meeting Info section. Please check out all the links! And remember, you need to sign up for a Blue Card – many of the online counselors require you to submit the blue card to them (via email or snail mail) so don’t wait to do this! We’ve made it easy – on the aforementioned web page, there is a form that will send the request to the appropriate people for approval. Once approved, we will send you the electronic version of the Blue Card so you can send it on to the counselor. The sessions do cost a nominal fee (I’ve seen anywhere from $5 to $40) so be sure to shop around and pay attention to the time zones! AND DON’T WAIT – CLASSES ARE LIMITED IN SIZE AND DATES!!!!

Virtual Campouts
You may be wondering what exactly is a Virtual Campout? Well, here’s an example from another Troop:

Troop 114 recently held a virtual campout via Zoom. The virtual campout began with a ZOOM meeting from 5-6 p.m. The meeting included a flag ceremony and standard opening. They played games, including Scout Bingo. Everyone planned a meal, cooked outside, and shared pictures of their meals and campsites on the Discord App, set up by the Scout Scribe. They later called into ZOOM for a virtual group campfire at 8:00 p.m., where they sang, told jokes, and ended with a Senior Patrol Minute and vespers. It was a Scouting adventure the Troop won’t forget. Plan your campout today!

Denver Area Council E-News 4/20/20

And remember – many of your cooking requirements (for Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, and Merit Badges) can be accomplished during these virtual campouts! If you would like to hold your own or maybe even try to get your patrol on a virtual campout as it begins to warm up, just let an adult leader know so we can make sure you get credit for it. Perhaps we will have a troop-wide virtual campout if we have to cancel our May campout…

-Mr. Bielkiewicz
ASM of Kung Fu Flashes (MAJOR virtual bonus points for anyone outside of my family who gets the reference!)

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