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Calendar Updates

I might have mentioned this to folks in passing at meetings and events, but let’s make it official! For the past several months, we’ve been keeping the calendar on the website up-to-date with all details about every event our Troop is holding, including our weekly meetings (click on the event to see full details). This page can be accessed by going to the calendar page. However, even easier, is “subscribing” to the calendar directly on your mobile device! Simply go to the above page on your device and click the Subscribe button on the bottom left and choose your appropriate device-type. This should allow you to add the Troop calendar directly to your calendar.

Our Troop Webmaster (currently Zack B.) and yours truly will be keeping this calendar up-to-date with meeting details, locations, campout/event information, etc. If you have anything you would like added to the calendar, simply email and we will get it listed pronto!

Always open to suggestions for improvement to this process!

-Mr. Bielkiewicz
ASM of Webmastering

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