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Camp Card Sales Have Started!!!

If you are selling Camp Cards, please go to our Sign-Up Genius at to sign up for shifts to sell at storefronts we’ve set up. This list will be updated with new locations and shifts as they become available. We’re working hard to get a callback from Safeway, so stay tuned! For storefront sales, please remember scouts are selling cards out of their own inventory and will need to provide their own starting cash bank to make change for cash sales.

Do you want to be able to accept credit cards for your camp card sales? Please email Mr. or Mrs. Naber at or to get set up to sell through Troop 640’s Square Account. Just send us your email address, phone number, and name of your scout. We will enter your info into the Square account so your credit card sales are deposited directly into the Troop 640 bank account automatically. Once entered, you’ll receive an email with a link inviting you to join the Troop 640 Square account. You’ll need to download the Square app to your smartphone or tablet using the link provided in the email. Once you create a new account or log into your existing Square account, you’ll be linked to the Troop’s platform. We have a limited number of mag stripe readers available for use as well as USB-C and iPhone adaptors if your device does not have a headphone jack. However, credit card numbers are easily entered manually as well. Once you’re set up, you can use Square for any and all of your camp card sales.

We’ll be at the next scout meeting with additional cards, but you can check out additional cards at any time. Just email us and we’ll make arrangements to set you up with the cards you need! Our availability for the last half of Spring Break will be limited, so please reach out before Wednesday if you need additional cards for any sales the second weekend of spring break.

Other questions we’ve not covered? Please call or email and we’ll be happy to help!

Chris Naber – , 720-840-5326
Jen Naber – , 720-988-8461

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