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6/10 Meeting @ Abiding Hope Nature School (AHNS)

Hey Troop. Tomorrow we will have our meeting outside again. So come prepared and you can wear your class B tomorrow too. We will have our Summer camp prep Monday too, so if you are going to summer camp come ready. On Monday your ASPL, SPL, and SM will be down at NYLT which means Zack B. will be running the meeting.

Alexander R – SPL

Summer Camp Information

Hey Scouts,

If you are attending Summer Camp this year, please plan to attend the meeting this week.  We will be discussing everything you need to know for camp.  Parents can attend too.  

If you can’t make it, that is okay.  I will send an email to everyone with the info on Tuesday Morning.

We will also be handing out Camp T-Shirts at the meeting

Treasurer Update – Action Required

I am continuing to work to catch up on the billing and reimbursement for the last years worth of campouts. I apologize for the delay, however I need assistance from the Adult leaders and anyone who purchased food or drove their vehicles during these previous campouts:

Bent’s Old Fort – September 2023
Sand Dunes – October 2023
Winter Primer – November 2023
Snow Sports Trip – December 2023
Ice Climbing – January 2024
Klondike – February 2024
Mystery Trip – March 2024
Project Tenderfoot – April 2024

If you have unreimbursed expenses and/or drove Scouts to or from any of these events, please reach out to me with those expenses or the miles driven and number of Scouts taken (each way as sometimes I know it’s different). I need this information so we can properly bill everyone and get you reimbursed!

If you’ve already submitted receipts to me, that’s fine too, please just remind me of how you did so so I can find them (and if you have the info, feel free to resubmit).

Again – apologies for the delay on all of these trips. I hope to come up with a better system for those submitting receipts/expenses moving forward. And, as always, if anyone out there is willing to take over the Treasurer position, I’m more than happy to train you!

-Mr. Bielkiewicz, S.T.O.E.
(Slowest Treasurer On Earth)

6/3 Meeting @ Abiding Hope Nature School (AHNS)

Hey Troop. Tomorrow we will have our first meeting of the year outside. Please come prepared for our Colorado weather. Wear your Class B uniform. Tomorrow we will also start our meeting with capture the flag and other games.


Alexander R – SPL

5/20 Court of Honor @ Abiding Hope Nature School (AHNS)

Hey Troop. Tomorrow we will have our Court of Honor so come prepared to get your merit badges and celebrate the Troop on it’s accomplishments throughout the months.

Check out a sneak peek of the program here or click on the QR code below:

We will have light refreshments after the ceremony.

Alexander R – SPL

Mr. Ross Wins Territory Alumnus of the Year!

Our very own Committee Chairman, Keel Ross, has been honored as 2024 Territory Alumnus of the Year for Territories 1, 2, and 3!

Please welcome us in congratulating Keel for all his great work for Scouting Colorado and his many different positions. When you see Mr. Ross don’t forget to congratulate him on this amazing award!

More information about the award and Mr. Ross can be found here.

5/13 Troop Meeting @ Abiding Hope Nature School (AHNS)

Hey Troop. Tomorrow we will be doing an ILST for NYLT so please come to the meeting if you are going to NYLT. ILST is Introduction to Leadership Training and it is a requirement that you will need in order to go to NYLT which stands for National Youth Leadership Training and you will learn more about how to be a better leader.

We will also be planning for the fishing/canoeing campout. So come if you are going to the campout.

Alexander R – SPL

Fishing Trip Info!

The fishing trip is next weekend!  Here’s a few details for everyone that is signed up or thinking about signing up.  There’s still time to join us, but time is running out very fast! 

Waivers:  Wellington Lake requires everyone to sign a waiver.  No Exceptions!  Please complete the digital waiver at the link below.  When completing the form, we will be in campsite 60G, our departure date is 5/19/2024, and use your own vehicle information even if you aren’t camping with us as it’s a required field.

Destination:  Wellington Lake, 21843 Stoney Pass Rd.,

Bailey, CO 80421

Meeting Location: Abiding Hope Nature School Parking Lot

Meet for Departure: 5/17/2024 at 5:00pm

Return:  5/19/2024 before 12pm

Weather:  Wellington Lake is at approximately 8,000ft elevation.  It will be a little chilly, so please plan accordingly.  Weather information for Wellington Lake can be found at the link below.

Fishing Regulations:  Wellington Lake is a private lake and fishing licenses are not required.  The lake is catch and release only.  The fine for killing a fish or not returning it to the water fast enough to survive is $50.  Only unscented artificial flies and lures may be used.  Live bait is prohibited.  Barbs on hooks must be crimped down.  Single hook lures are preferred.  Treble hooks will suffice as long as the barbs are crimped.

Fishing Gear:  Please bring your own fishing pole if you have one.  If you don’t have a pole, please contact Mr. Naber right away!  Scouts are welcomed and encouraged to bring their own fishing tackle as well, but it is not required.  The troop has purchased some dry and wet flies to fish with as well as some lures. Mr. Naber will teach scouts how to fish with artificial flies without using a fly fishing rod.  A pair of needle nose pliers can also be very helpful.

Canoeing Gear:  Everyone using a canoe must wear a personal floatation device (PFD).  No Exceptions.  We have several PFDs of varying sizes.  If you have your own PFD that you know fits you, please feel free to bring it with you if you want to do any canoeing.  Please keep in mind that canoeing weather dependant and is not guaranteed to take place.  

Questions?  Please feel free to contact Mr. Naber at  or at 720-840-5326.

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