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May 4th, 2020

Virtual Monday Meeting Agenda

Troop-wide Virtual Campout Discussion
Join the meeting so we can discuss the possibility of a Troop-wide Virtual Campout later this month to potentially take the place of the recently cancelled Wellington Lake Campout. Let your voice be heard to provide input on this unique event.

Rank Advancement
Since we focused on a merit badge for the last two meetings, we will turn our attention to a few rank advancement requirements this week:

Tenderfoot 1A: For the new scouts who have yet to get on a campout, we ask that you do a little prep work and pack like you are going on a real campout! If you aren’t sure what to pack or how to pack it, check out many resources online and/or your Boy Scout Handbook. Bring your pack to the Zoom meeting and the older scouts will inspect it (virtually of course) and ask you to show it to the group!

First Class 5C, 5D, and 6B: Read the requirements and BE PREPARED to come discuss them. You will only get credit if you actively participate!

Zoom link is the same as it is every week: <see your email or newsletter for zoom link>

-Mr. Bielkiewicz
ASM of all you Goonies

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