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Medical Forms For Klondike (Updated)

Please see the updated table below! I will bring blank forms to the meeting Monday night, but if you can print out your own and fill it out before the meeting, that would be ideal!


I know it’s been awhile since we’ve had to deal with Medical Forms, so as a reminder, BSA requires the Medical Form Parts A & B1/B2 to be completed for all outings and Part C for outings greater than 72 hours in duration. For Klondike, we will only need Parts A & B1/B2 (which means you do not need a doctor’s signature).

As of tonight, 2/28 at 10pm, the following are the Scouts we have signed up and their med form status. If I don’t have your form (adults included!) please take some time to print out Parts A & B1/B2 and bring them, filled out, to one of the upcoming meetings prior to Klondike. They are versy strict about this at Klondike as I will have to present a copy of everyone’s med forms at check-in. Thanks so much!

Klondike ParticipantMed Form Status
Michael B.Valid through 8/21/2021
Zack B.Valid through 7/17/2021
Beckham S.Valid through 8/21/2021
Isaac M.missing
Keel R.missing
Alexander R.missing
Drew D.missing
Aidan S.Valid through 8/21/2021
Bob P.missing
Dominic P.Valid through 8/21/2021
Michael S.missing
Caleb N.Valid through 7/17/2021
Nash W.Valid through 5/11/2021
Jeff M.Valid through 3/2/2022
Davis M.Valid through 3/1/2022
Izaak KValid through 3/1/2022

-Mr. Bielkiewicz
Keeper of Med Forms

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