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Medical Forms

Every Scout or Adult who attends any activity with the Troop needs a completed Med Form filled out each year. The forms are valid for one year from the date of signature and yours truly maintains the med forms and ensures the SMiC of each campout or camp has the appropriate med forms. The BSA Med Forms consist of 3 (really 4) parts, A, B1, B2, and C. For campouts and activities LESS THAN 72 hours, we only need parts A, B1, and B2 which can be 100% completed by a parent/guardian. For activities LONGER THAN 72 hours, we need all parts – which includes a physical exam and signature by your physician.

What does this mean for Summer Camp?!?

This means you need to have your Scout complete a physical exam within the past year if they have not done so already. Many doctor’s offices will simply fill out your BSA Med Form if you have a “current” physical on file with them – you just need to call them and ask and then drop off the form. For the most part they only need Part C, HOWEVER! It is important to note that there is one line for a physicians signature concerning medications on Part B2 IF MEDICATIONS ARE APPROVED TO BE ADMINISTERED (highlighted below):

It’s easiest, in my opinion, to just make sure your doctor also signs this line when completing Part C!

Once you get this done, you can give me your original (feel free to keep a copy yourself) and I will file it securely and make copies as needed (we have to hand over the forms to BDSR – a state requirement apparently).

I believe EVERYONE’s med forms have expired or will be expired prior to camp, so please don’t wait until the last minute. BDSR WILL NOT ALLOW YOUR SON TO ATTEND WITHOUT A PROPER, FULLY COMPLETED MED FORM.

Additional Forms (Potentially) Required

Thanks to our wonderful state and since BDSR is in Colorado, there are additional forms required. That would be the Colorado Immunization Record. If you have a pediatrician you’ve regularly attended, they likely already have this form and can simply print it out for you. If not, print out this copy and try to get them to fill this out as well.

There are also other forms that BDSR may require such as a Sunscreen Permission Slip, and optional forms for certain activities such as Horseback Riding, Climbing/COPE Course, and Cowboy Action Shootout. We will gather these before camp, but your Med Form should be most pressing.

Lastly, the Leaders Guide goes into more details on the form requirements and we are required to provide you with page 10. Please download the Guide Here and read page 10 (but the rest of it is pretty good info as well).

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