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Project Tenderfoot 2024 Recap & Photos 

We had a successful project Tenderfoot weekend with our goals to help the new scouts learn to be self sufficient when on a troop campout and to allow the older scouts an opportunity to further develop their teaching and leadership skills. This was Troop 640’s first campout with its new sister all girl troop. 

Friday night went off great with the troop setting up at the group campsite at Bear Creek Lake Park, The scouts spent the evening hours playing shadow (a modified version of tag in the dark).   

Saturday was busy, we marked off multiple Tenderfoot requirements (first aid, axe/saw/knife safety, basic knots, entry cooking skills , tent/camp set up and safety skills).  For a service project, we picked up debris in a less visited part of the park.  The afternoon was spent on a 5 mile hike where the new scouts learned basic orienteering skills.   Dinner went well with the scouts doing a peach cobbler.  Not to be outdone, the adults experimented with 2 different methods to cook brownies and managed to burn both batches. Oh, the high-risk high-reward joys of dutch oven cooking.  The scouts again spent the evening hours playing shadow.

Sunday morning the troop was able to use the archery range (much appreciation to Mr. Strous, Mr. Strauss and Mr. Mackey for running the archery range). 

I wouldn’t change a thing about the campout as everyone had numerous learning experiences. 

Boy Troop 

Eli, Nick, Liam, Luke,  Alexander, Nash, Davis, Colin, Caleb And Connor 

Girls Troop 

Corri, Clark and Zoe 


Tom, Keel, Cynde, Kathleen, Amanda and Brett

And photos have been uploaded to the website at the normal location:

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