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Treasurer Update – Action Required

I am continuing to work to catch up on the billing and reimbursement for the last years worth of campouts. I apologize for the delay, however I need assistance from the Adult leaders and anyone who purchased food or drove their vehicles during these previous campouts:

Bent’s Old Fort – September 2023
Sand Dunes – October 2023
Winter Primer – November 2023
Snow Sports Trip – December 2023
Ice Climbing – January 2024
Klondike – February 2024
Mystery Trip – March 2024
Project Tenderfoot – April 2024

If you have unreimbursed expenses and/or drove Scouts to or from any of these events, please reach out to me with those expenses or the miles driven and number of Scouts taken (each way as sometimes I know it’s different). I need this information so we can properly bill everyone and get you reimbursed!

If you’ve already submitted receipts to me, that’s fine too, please just remind me of how you did so so I can find them (and if you have the info, feel free to resubmit).

Again – apologies for the delay on all of these trips. I hope to come up with a better system for those submitting receipts/expenses moving forward. And, as always, if anyone out there is willing to take over the Treasurer position, I’m more than happy to train you!

-Mr. Bielkiewicz, S.T.O.E.
(Slowest Treasurer On Earth)

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