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Troop Adult Volunteer Needs

Troop 640 has been a big part of the Denver Council for over 30 years. It was also one of the few troops that not only survived COVID, but thrived during it by holding regular in-person meetings, virtual and IRL camping trips, Courts of Honor and we even managed to promote a few Scouts to Eagle.

All of this could only be done by having Scouts who love the program and having parents and volunteers who make sure the program remains viable and fun. As new, young Scouts join the Troop, new adult volunteers must also step and take the Troop into the future. There are several slots for adult volunteers in the troop. If you’re interested in one of them and it’s currently filled, you can always shadow and learn about the position and make it yours at some point. We can look at other vacancies and help you find a role about which you can be passionate.

I mention this not only because that’s how the troop continues to move forward, but because we will have an important vacancy late this summer. The Grishman’s will be moving away and we’ll need someone to take on the role of Advancement Coordinator. This means taking care of rank advancement and merit badges, which sounds like a lot – but you have a staff of veterans to help you, and shadowing Toni and Vince before they leave will help you out quite a bit.

One last note. Getting as much training as possible is a huge help in making sure the Troop’s trip into the future is going in the right and safe direction. Youth Protection Training is a great start, but whether on-line or in-person there is so much more to learn about different positions and programs in Scouting. This makes for a better experience for the youth and allows you to make fewer (and hopefully smaller) mistakes. Sign-in to to explore your options, or check in with me for more ideas.

Welcome aboard.

PositionCurrent Leader(s)
ScoutmasterJon Strauss
Committee ChairKeel Ross
TreasurerMike Bielkiewicz (INTERIM)
SecretarySharon Farrar
Advancement ChairToni & Vince Grishman (OUTGOING)
Webelos/RecruitingKatherine Strozinski
Website/NewsletterMike Bielkiewicz
QuartermasterJeff Martin
Fundraising/Popcorn KernelLisa Habegger
Fundraising/Camp Card CoordinatorChris & Jen Naber
Med Forms CoordinatorMike Bielkiewicz (INTERIM)
Life to EagleCorey Johnson
Training CoordinatorVACANT
Outdoors/Activities CoordinatorVACANT
New Scout Parent CoordinatorVACANT
Service CoordinatorVACANT
Event CoordinatorVACANT

Jon Strauss

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