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Volunteer Opportunity

This recent opportunity has been passed on to us. Contact info is below and remember, Patrols can hold an outing as a group as well and this looks like a great opportunity!

I’m with the City of Arvada’s Majestic View Nature Center and we’re celebrating National Trails Day on Saturday, June 4 with a trail building project to complete the trail loop around the lake in our community park. We’re inviting all volunteer groups that would like to support and give back to the community to help complete the trail between 9 to 11 am (we’ll provide lunch) and offer an opportunity for their groups to have a booth table in the afternoon as we celebrate free, family activities from 1-4pm. 

We weren’t sure if this would be a useful opportunity for scouts looking to complete community service/volunteer hours. We also aren’t sure if you are the correct folks to share volunteer opportunities like this with scouts in the area. If this sounds like an interesting opportunity for scouts and you would be able to share, we’d greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions or would like more information, please let me know. Otherwise thank you for your time! 

Thank you, 

Anna Hoover
Nature Center Director
Cell | 720-415-2955 

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