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Website Update

Several months ago, I started a process to migrate our website to a new hosting provider. This fell by the wayside as I got busy but I picked it back up this weekend and made the move Sunday morning. For the most part, nothing should be different from the naked eye. I did discover that our old site had been hacked a bit – I’ll spare the technical details, but basically a script was injected which was creating thousands of files on the server. It doesn’t appear to really have done anything too malicious (especially since we don’t really store any personal data on our website) except to fill a directory with about 50 GB of fake image files. For those that occasionally saw a link redirect to some weird job site, this was related. I’ve cleaned any remnants of the hack (before I moved to the new hosts) so hopefully that’s no longer an issue.

On a related note – for those of you who were previously trying to sync our calendar to your Google Calendar – this was apparently affected by the hack and has be also resolved!

What my ask of you is to please let me know if you find anything not working the way you expect (or how it was working in the past) so I can address it. So far, things look good, but the newsletter is another feature that’s based on the website so hopefully it went out ok! Thanks for your patience!

-Mr. Bielkiewicz
ASM of Technical Thingys

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